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Tenant FAQs

Our company policy requires that all repair requests be made online through your tenant portal at www.crgncsc.com. We may ask for pictures and further explanations but initial requests go through our website. If you call a repairman yourself, you will NOT be reimbursed. If you miss a set appointment time you may be charged for the call. Our property management group handles emergency and non-emergency requests. Not all issues are emergencies, but we realize all issues are inconvenient.

There is no rent deduction for loss of air conditioning or heat, or any other maintenance issue. Our company has a dedicated list of service providers who help tackle HVAC concerns as quickly as possible along with other service providers who repair other home systems and appliances.

Yes. Renter’s insurance is required by all tenants and written in the lease with required separate signature. Proof of renter’s insurance is required before occupancy in the property.

Your security deposit will be returned to you within 30 days of moving out of the property, less cost of any repairs. We will inspect the property after you move out. When we inspect, we will look for any damages above and beyond normal wear and tear. If damages to the property are above and beyond normal wear and tear, or were not present prior to move-in, the cost of those repairs and expenses will be deducted before returning the balance to you.

Security deposits by law cannot be applied to your last month’s rent and your lease agreement prohibits your security deposit from being applied to rent charges.

In most cases lawn care and exterior maintenance is the responsibility of the tenant, especially in single family homes. Grass must not be allowed to become unsightly. Weeds must be maintained and controlled. Mildew/mold on exterior of house must be cleaned. Any HomeOwner Association (HOA) fees, penalties or assessments caused by the tenant’s failure to keep the lawn, landscaping and exterior of the home properly maintained, will be paid by the tenant. Failure to comply will jeopardize lease standing and may reduce the amount of security deposit returned at end of lease.

Rent payments are due by the 5th of each month. Tenants are responsible for payments by this time. Should you fail to make payment by the 5th, a late fee charge calculates on your portal. Failure to pay the late fee will be a deduction from your security deposit at the end of the lease.

Unfortunately, you are responsible for making rental payments through the end of the lease. In some instances our company may be able to find a replacement tenant sooner than lease-end, however, breaking the lease will usually forfeit a returned security deposit.

Pets are often allowed in properties. If allowed by the owner, adding a pet may be possible but there will be an additional non-refundable pet fee required and an amendment made to the current lease. Call our office to discuss.

While new terms may apply, in most cases renewing the current lease is possible with the current owner and our company.

Lease agreements typically state that only persons that have signed the lease and their children may occupy the property without prior approval. An additional person may be allowed but if over the age of 18 they will have to apply to live in the property with background screening. If approved, an amendment will be made to the current lease.

Most fire alarms operate by battery while some are hardwired with battery backup. Per NC Tenant Law, our property management group along with each owner, replaces fire alarm and carbon monoxide batteries before each new lease begins. If your detector is chirping it most likely needs a battery replacement which is the responsibility of the tenant to replace. There is a small chance the detector has reached its lifeline and may need replacement altogether. Please replace batteries as needed and as a first measure before placing a maintenance request. Additionally, you should never remove any placed fire or carbon monoxide detectors because you cannot get them to stop chirping. If replacing the battery does not keep the unit from chirping then the detector is more than likely defective or old. Tenant negligence may be found if detectors have been removed or taken down and may warrant non-insurance coverage should there be a home fire.

Per your lease agreement you are expected to leave the property in the same or better condition it was in when you moved in. At minimum, you will need to make sure that you have cleaned the kitchen (including appliances and countertops) and bathrooms, that you have swept and mopped floors, carpets are vacuumed and that all trash has been removed from the property. If carpets are dirty, you will need to have them cleaned. If you have painted any surfaces, you may need to return them to their original color. Before painting, be sure to properly patch and sand any holes in the walls caused by hanging pictures and/or any other damaged areas. Doing these things will help us to return your security deposit more quickly.